Jones Davy has over twenty years experience in reading tarot. He discovered Lenormand in 2014 and Kipper cards in 2016.

During the last two decades Jones has explored Tarot’s histories and its usages. It’s a subject that never ceases to surprise and fascinate him.

Since learning of the existence of the German system of Lenormand cards, which started out as as a multi-purpose parlour game, Jones has been researching older systems and methods of cartomancy.

In Kipper he has found that it explores the domestic issues of day-to-day life. This different to  Lenormand’s has a direct statements.

Beyond older forms of cartomancy, modern oracles and reinterpretations of tarot continue to intrigue him as well as other forms of divination.

He is currently exploring cartomancy, geomancy and oghams.

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